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On the open market a house sale takes between 3 and 5 months
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If a loved one or a relative has passed away and has left their house to you in their will, you could find yourself managing two sets of mortgage payments along with expenses associated with the upkeep of the inherited property.

Selling the property quickly, provides the guaranteed sale needed with a completion date to suit, so future plans can be made without any additional financial or emotional stress at what can be a very difficult time.

Divorce is now one of the UK’s leading causes of debt, with the average divorce resulting in legal fees costing in excess of £15,000. This money can be hard to come by at the best of times but you can secure the funds and also tackle the issue of dividing assets by selling your house.

If both divorcing parties are in agreement then both could be entitled to a share of the proceeds when selling your property, taking care of current costs as well as providing a great opportunity to start fresh. A Barrett Properties sale includes all legal fees and conveyancing costs, we offer total transparency and share all paperwork throughout our valuation process, so you will know what you will get for your home and when, meaning you can better plan for the future.

A broken property chain is almost always a possibility when dealing with multiple parties and can often cause significant delay when selling your home through a traditional estate agent. It happens all too often in property sales; your offer has been accepted and you are ready to begin the process of moving but then your buyer drops out, seemingly putting an end to your move.

All is not lost though. By selling your house fast with a company such as Barrett Properties, you can ensure that you have a guaranteed cash buyer and completion date to suit the onward chain so you do not risk missing out on buying your new house.

Having your property repossessed can have a long-lasting impact on your financial situation as well as make it more difficult for you to secure a mortgage further down the line. If you are in arrears with your mortgage payments then the risk of repossession will be all too real. There is a way to nip this in the bud however that can secure your future and avoid further expensive legal fees.

Barrett Properties will buy your house on a completion date to suit your circumstances, and you will acquire the funds needed to be financially secure for the foreseeable future without risking having your property repossessed.

Whether it is for work, to be closer to family or to address a change in your personal circumstances, having to wait to receive an offer on your home can throw a spanner in the process of relocating and finding a property that is ready to move into can play havoc with timing everything correctly.

Guaranteeing a sale as a result of selling your property quickly takes away the time pressure and complications that are regularly involved in such a process when selling a property via a traditional estate agent.

There is every chance that some people simply do not want to deal with the long and drawn out process of selling their property on the open market via an estate agent. Depending on the location, the state of the property or even the economic climate, selling a home can feel like it is taking forever. Whether you have had your property on the market for a while, it is a brand new listing, or if your buyer has pulled out and your chain has broken down, contacting a company like Barrett Properties to sell your house fast can dramatically reduce the time to sell to as little as fourteen days.

If your circumstances dictate the need to sell your home quickly, or if you simply want an easy and hassle-free home sale, we can help. Our home buying service provides you with an effortless stress-free experience as there are no viewings, no timewasters, and no chains to contend with. Your dedicated property advisor is with you throughout the sales process making sure you are kept up to date every step of the way.


You may wonder what type of questions we usually get asked, hopefully you can learn your answers to some of the questions here.

We will conduct our own professional research into the property and surrounding area. This takes into consideration comparable local properties and, depending on the condition of the house, surveyors reports.

Selling your home quickly for cash with Barrett Properties is a straightforward process.

Just get in touch, either directly or using our online valuation form to get started. From here, one of our property buyers will contact you within 24 hours with an offer in principle. This offer is an educated estimate, and may be subject to change upon inspection.

Happy with the offer in principle? Great! We’ll send our asset management company over to complete two appraisals, which will be sent to our survey team. This is all free of charge, and is a no obligation process.

Our survey team will then make a formal offer, and once accepted our solicitors will get to work.

Each property is unique, and we’ll pay you a lump sum based on the valuation of your property. We will offer you market value for your property  for a direct purchase.

We also offer other options to achieve a higher sale price, however this usually means a slower process and we won’t be buying directly – something to bear in mind for sellers looking to sell a property quickly.

When you sell with Barrett Properties, there are no fees. We’ll provide you with a recommended solicitor for no extra cost or, alternatively, give you £750.00 to cover legal fees if you’d prefer to use your own solicitor.

Regardless of the condition of your home, we’ll be happy to buy it. All we ask from you is transparency, so we can provide an accurate valuation as quickly as possible.

We’re direct buyers, revolutionising the way people sell their homes.

Unlike some quick house sale companies, we are not a broker. Choosing a quick house sale company that relies on potentially unstable investors is dangerous and should be avoided. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this with Barrett Properties!

Sell Your Wisbech Property within 14 Days

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Elizabeth Terrace, Wisbech, PE13 2AL

Barrett Properties purchased this property from a retiring landlord in Wisbech who’d experienced non-paying tenants, the tenants sighted poor property standard/dilapidation as the rationale for non-payment. The property was also subject to various improvement orders by Fenland District Council for some relatively costly repairs and rectification.

The landlord was looking for a quick solution to sell the property as the burden of managing the non-paying tenants and impending enforcement of improvement orders was stressful and onerous. The landlord contacted Barrett Properties having seen one of our banners promoting our ability to buy property within the Wisbech and surrounding areas fast.

Barrett Properties valued this property within 24 hours of the vendors enquiry and made a cash offer to buy it a few hours later, the conveyancing process with our solicitor started as soon as the offer was accepted by the vendor which meant the sale was wrapped up very quickly.

Barrett Properties completed a full refurbishment on this property upon legal completion and we now offer it on the rental market to tenants in Wisbech – the property has been retained in our portfolio.

This property was purchased from a couple who were sadly divorcing and subsequently needed to sell the property to split the equity to allow them to move on. The property had been on the sales market with an estate agent in Wisbech for a relatively long period of time and wasn’t selling/being viewed due to its very poor condition and also the lack of any form of heating system within the property!

The owners contacted Barrett Properties to discuss a solution and sale having seen our leaflet marketing campaign – Barrett Properties valued this property within 24 hours and made a cash offer a few hours later. We paid the sellers legal fees as part of this purchase and had the legal purchase process completed very quickly, this enabled the couple to move on and buy their own respective properties. Selling to us also meant the vendor did not have the estate agent fees to pay.

Barrett Properties completed a full refurbishment on this property and we now offer it on the rental market to tenants in Wisbech – the property has been retained in our portfolio.

Summerfield Close, Wisbech, PE13 1RP

Norfolk St (Shop) and x2 flats, Wisbech PE13 2LJ

Barrett Properties purchased this property from a retiring landlord. The property was relatively unique in that it is split in to 3 parts, a retail shop/unit to the ground floor, independent  1 bed flat  to the first floor, and another 1 bed flat to the second floor. The property was dilapidated and ready for a full refurbishment, this had hampered the vendors ability to sell on the open market and various sales had fallen through.

Barrett Properties purchased this property promptly, paid the vendors legal fees (leaving them nothing to pay) and legally completed quickly reliving the vendor of their burden of insurance/council tax x2/business rates x1 on an empty property with no income. This demonstrates Barrett Properties ability to buy properties of all sizes/values/use types including commercial.

Barrett Properties completed a full refurbishment on this property and we now offer it on the rental market to tenants in Wisbech – the property has been retained in our portfolio.


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